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Seen And Not Heard


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After spending nearly a decade building multiple businesses based on my looks, I realized no matter what I did, I still didn't feel fulfilled career wise. The more I examined why, the clearer everything became. I had built everything surrounding my appearance, and now, a little bit older and wiser, I was desperately seeking meaning in my work that was missing. I had a lifetime of experiences I wanted to share and talk about. I had stories weighing on me that desperately needed told. And That's when I noticed a gap in the market for female podcasters, and the whole thing just clicked. 

 There were a ton of "raunchy" female podcasts, that tell sex stories, talk about life, love etc but none like what I had envisioned. I wanted a place where I didn't have to hide my ties to the adult industry, or feel ashamed by where my career started. But still allowed me to control my own narrative, and set the record straight. I was tired of being "seen and not heard".

I wanted to give people a better understanding of the career paths chosen by people like me. I wanted to educate them on topics no one else was talking about. I wanted to become a resource, and carve out a space where I could bridge the gap between the adult industry, and the mainstream one. Because we all have way more in common, then anyone was realizing. I wanted to show the world, that there was brains behind the beauty, and talent beyond the body.  

So, I decided I was going to take back my own voice, tell my own story, and find a way to help other people, do the same. 

Tell My Own story

A large portion of episodes are dedicated to me speaking my own truth, telling my own life story, and building rapport with my listeners.

Help others tell theirs

I like to bring guests on the show, that have remarkable stories of their own to share. Allowing people to listen and hear from people they ordinarily wouldn't. 

Engage with my listeners

I have multiple ways for listeners to engage with the show. Whether it be by commenting on the youtube clips, submitting voice messages via the anchor app, or calling in and leaving voicemails for the podcast.

 meaningful causes

Some episodes dig deep into real issues facing society today. Highlighting things ranging from sexual assault, to mental illness, and more.


Share The Podcast

There are many ways you can support the Seen And Not Heard Podcast! You can talk about if on social media, using the hashtag



You can become an individual sponsor of the podcast, by pledging whatever amount of money you'd like to donate, per month, directly to support the show

Support The Podcast

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Submit a Voice Message via the Anchor App

Download the "Anchor App" and create a user account.  Next search for the "Seen And Not Heard Podcast". Once you pull it up, there will be a button at the top that says "Message" and begin recording your voice memo! Remember, anything you say could wind up on the show, so don't give away too much personal information. Just state your name, where you're from, and your message! 

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Call In to the show and Leave a Voicemail

An even easier way to engage with the podcast is to call in by phone and leave a voice message for me! All you have to do is dial


and record a voicemail for the show! Make sure to state your name and where you're calling from along with your message! Remember, don't give away too much personal information, as your message could wind up on the show!

Call In
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