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MelRose Michaels

I'm unsuspecting. Most people don't look at me and think, "she get's naked online". I have this innocence about me that misleads people. The funny thing is that it's also what attracts them. When I began webcamming in 2011 I quickly established a name for myself in the adult industry. After 8 years of webcamming, and creating and selling clips online, I decided to diversify into premium snapchat. Within two years of launching my first premium snapchat I was the number one selling model on Fancentro, and became a brand ambassador for the company. In that time I also launched the 'Seen and Not Heard' podcast, and my youtube channel where I release weekly vlogs, giving my fans a never before seen look at my real life and who I actually am as a person, which to date is my most intimate, and revealing content yet. It may seem like i'm at the peak of my career but I can assure you I am JUST getting started. I can't wait to take you along for the ride!



Get to know me in the most intimate way.. By letting me tell my own story. New Podcasts weekly on Thursdays.


The road has been a long one, but the journey was worth the travel. See for yourself.


Business is the only language I'm fluent in. For inquiries, submit below.


Watch my real life unfold with weekly vlogs. New Vlog posts weekly on Mondays.

There are many ways you can support the Seen And Not Heard Podcast! You can talk about if on social media, using the hashtag



You can become an individual sponsor of the podcast, by pledging whatever amount of money you'd like to donate, per month, directly to support the show


Everything purchased off my wishlist gets sent to my Agency in New Jersey, and forwarded to me in Tennesee, so please be patient as when things appear 'delived' to you from amazon, that means they've arrived in NJ, and still need to be forwarded to me in TN. 



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